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K-POP Dreams Palette ☁️🌙✨

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The K-POP Dreams palette ☁️🌙✨ is both bringing your dreams to life and connecting all the fandoms together. Every idol works hard so they all deserve some recognition! 💖 This Pallete offers different shades and colors that will make your eyes POP. My inspiration for the color scheme was based off of different Korean eyeshadow palettes. 


☁️ Fanchant, Golden Maknae, and Visual: are chunky glitters which means in order for you to see the most color and payoff you need to spray a setting spray on your brush or wet your brush with water. If you want a more natural/ everyday look don’t use water or setting spray to add a minimal amount of sparkle 💖. 

☁️ Bias, Bias Wrecker, Rap line, Vocal line, and Leader are all mattes and apply easily with a brush or your fingers. 

☁️ Fan Service is a shimmer shade that looks beautiful on your inner corners! ( But go crazy with any look you want! )

☁️  I want all of your packages to be super special no matter what you buy so of course there is still freebies and your Korean Language learning card included!