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8 ML Fanchant ✨ is a clear, un-scented lipgloss. Fanchant is inspired by the fans who cheer for their favorite K-POP artists during performances!

✨ Coconut Oil- A miracle oil that heals chapped lips, contains anti-oxidants, vitamins, nourishes, and makes lips soft, and supple.

✨ Vitamin E Oil- Relieves chapped lips, protects your sensitive lips from the sun, it’s an antioxidant, and soothes your lips. 

✨ Lipgloss Base is Gluten Free and Vegan!

✨ Contains a small amount of glitter and holographic butterflies.  

🤎 I want all of your packages to be super special no matter what you buy so of course there is still freebies and your Korean Language learning card included!